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Originally Posted by Overdrive View Post

Over half of the top 10 in WTA are pushers...In fact, make that top 20..

You see bad match ups all the time and bore the heck out of me...

Errani is not the only grunter out there that is annoying...

I'm not leaving ATP out of the picture, they are just as bad..
having the Top 4 Players at the Semifinals for the AO? I call BS.
Sorry but this post is ridiculous, name me the top 20 players that are pushers besides Wozniacki and Errani (if you want to call her a pusher). Who are the other 8? Radwanska? Kirilenko? Maybe you could try and argue them and maybe Kerber if you really go out on a limb..go ahead name the other 5+. Actually name the 5 top 10 players who are pushers, that alone ought to be creative.

As for the fact that having the Top 4 players in the world always making the SF being a bad this...ya its totally horrible that players up to their rankings and seedings and show why they are the best. Thats totally horrible.

The only credible thing in this post is that Errani isn't the only annoying grunter.
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