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fundraser, excited to follow your story!

I'm actually in a similar position and trying to get back into it and at least close to the level I used to be in a short amount of time. It's been a frustrating experience to say the least, so I wish you the best of luck!
I had never taken more than a week or so off from tennis since I first picked it up (age until 5 years ago when I stopped playing entirely. In the last couple of weeks so far I've played in 3 clinics and one match for my new mixed team. Before I quit, I was probably a 4.5-level singles player. I'm now playing as a 3.5, which is about right for how I've been playing. I have brief periods where I'll look like the player I used to be, and then seconds later I'll shank a ball up and hit the back wall. I'm sure some of it is just practice and muscle memory, but I think even more if it is all mental. I've found that even in my clinics, I keep overthinking every swing. Consistency and my mental toughness were always what got me through tough matches before, but now I seem to have lost both!!
Have you had any problems with that? Not necessarily a lack of mental toughness, but just overthinking things that used to be natural? It's frustrating to begin with but now I think I've become my own biggest problem!

Good luck to you again though and I'll definitely be following your story to try to learn anything I can from it!!
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