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Originally Posted by omega4 View Post
Given how we're in the Age of the Internet and the 21st Century, it's a shame that USTA ratings can't be computed and disseminated more frequently.

For example, USGA golf handicap indexes are recomputed as soon as you turn in your latest golf round score.
The USTA calculates updated dynamic NTRP ratings nightly, they just choose not to make them public, presumably because doing so would give the system gamers even more information.

But regarding ratings be adjusted, it is a bit complicated. Self rated players (and a few other categories) are subject to being DQ'd and bumped up at any point in the year when they reach too many strikes. It is at a sections discretion I believe, but a DQ can result in all the matches the player has played also becoming DQs, so these can end up hurting a team, not just the individual being bumped up. And even if prior results aren't reversed, the player is now no longer available for future matches so that still hurts the team.

So, if this similar mid-year bumping was done for all players including C rated, would you reverse prior results or just bump them up? But even if just bumped up, it still hurts the team as they lose a key player for future matches. So there would be even more incentive to game the system and try to make sure key players don't get bumped up. And, in the USTA's mind, is more reason to not publish detailed ratings to enable this gaming.
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