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Originally Posted by boredone3456 View Post
Sorry but this post is ridiculous, name me the top 20 players that are pushers besides Wozniacki and Errani (if you want to call her a pusher). Who are the other 8? Radwanska? Kirilenko? Maybe you could try and argue them and maybe Kerber if you really go out on a limb..go ahead name the other 5+. Actually name the 5 top 10 players who are pushers, that alone ought to be creative.

As for the fact that having the Top 4 players in the world always making the SF being a bad this...ya its totally horrible that players up to their rankings and seedings and show why they are the best. Thats totally horrible.

The only credible thing in this post is that Errani isn't the only annoying grunter.
Yeah, but seeing the same players play each other year round is boring and keeps other people besides me from watching it. I know for a fact that people have the same opinions as me here. This increases expectancy and decreases surprise.
Ferrer (#4) is not talented or has any skill. He can only beat lesser players at the mental game. Check his last match with Almagro for reference. Please, let's not go there.


Obviously, the easy ones are Sharapova and Azarenka. This match between these too alone is a worse match up than Djokovic and Murray.
Okay, 3 more. Another one is Stosur, check her latest match with Jankovic for reference as well. The last two are Kvitova and Bartoli.

This is why I don't watch WTA anymore. Younger players like Bouchard will never see a spot at top 10 any time soon... not even top 50. This is because that tennis has devolved from skill to physicality which closes the doors to decent players but cannot last to other players like S.Williams which is disappointing.

You don't have to agree with my opinion. To each his own. But the facts are visible within the matches these women have played.
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