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Originally Posted by royfrombigd View Post
Wow, I'm going through the same thing. Used the 18x20 Blade last year, no issues. Got the 16x19s this year and absolutely love them, but have been feeling more issues in my shoulder and arm than normal. I'm using a full bed of Babolat nat gut 2# below mis, so I can't point the finger at the strings. It's either the racquet or my aging 46 year old body. I've done some reasearch and have these demos coming this week:

1. Rebel 98-softest flex rating at 59 according to TW. Also, see that another member, Jack Crack, referenced this racquet in your post and said it's an easy transition. One of the playtesters in the review also referenced it as being Blade-like in the review.
2. Radical IG Pro- Lower static weight than than previous Rad Pro and swingweight lower than previous YT Rad Pro swingweight.
3. Prestige S- Static weigt similar to Blades and remarks seem to be that it is arm friendly. Sounds like a good racquet, but may need to tinker around with strings and tension according to feedback to find right combo. Not sure I want to go down the experimenting path, but I do like Prestiges and am intrigued by these.

I probably won't get the demos until Friday, but can report back if you're interested in any of these.
HI could you tell me where exactly do you have pain in your shoulder? Front or back of the shoulder?
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