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Originally Posted by Tanya View Post
Li Na was dictating play in the final, and due to her inability to keep it together at the crucial moments (eg: error Na) she lost the match. Had she played like she did against Sharapova throughout the match, she'd have won the final in straight sets as well. The "injuries" she "suffered" in that final are being highly blown out of proportion--she was FINE. Her level of play was consistently inconsistent throughout the match, pointing to a lack of mental toughness....
Bang on. She played great against Pova and Radwanska. If she had played at that same level in the final, she would have won. Her injuries didn't seem to be affecting her game at all. She was blowing shots well before she turned her ankle. She looked tight right from the start of the match.

I wouldn't count Li Na out for winning a future slam but it will happen when we least expect it (after everyone has counted her out). She just doesn't seem capable of handling pressure.
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