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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
It depends. WTA players definitely hit more topspin than the average rec player, but a lot less on average than the men. I've watched more ATP matches than WTA matches, but the difference is usually pretty obvious. The women tend to hit relatively flat hard shots while the men tend to hit hard heavy topspin shots. Sharapova and the Williams sisters, for example, hit much flatter than any of the top four men.
Del Po and Gilles Simon hit very moderate topspin. I watched them play a 5 setter a few years ago at USO from court side 3rd row. Very moderate ball rotation. Some shots it was like the ball rotated so slowly that you could see that it was barely turning. Amazing power and consistency too.

Stosur and Kuznetsova are pretty good examples on WTA of players that hit very good topspin forehands.

But, I agree with your assessment in general. ATP players tend to shape shots with topspin and slice while most WTA hit more moderate spin.
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