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Is SSGator Scott Stevens?? I just looked up Marcs records from 2 years ago lol and the only person he played in the Orlando area was in Dubs, and Stevens was the opponent
My name is Scott Stewart. Played him at regionals for USTA team 4.5 at Daytona 2 years ago. I have always kept his name since I get to Gainesville on occasion during the year. Just in case I needed a match. Have never done it though.

I play mostly 4.5 tournaments - but havent played as many lately. Hopefully play a few more age group 50+. You're probably a young kid. LOL

[QUOTEWe generally don't like to mention full names on here. But that is not ssgator80.][/QUOTE]

Dont let him bother you - he always see's the boogey man in the closet. LOL
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