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Vitamin B-12 overdose is extremely rare (or non-existent). No upper limit (max daily dosage) has been set for vitamin B-12 due to its non-toxic nature. While some ppl have experienced some minor side effects with extremely high dosages, the amounts in Orange Triad and 5-hour Energy should probably not produce these for effects for most, if any, individuals. I believe that the only B vitamins that have upper limits that have been established are B-6 and Niacin (one form of B-3). These amounts in the these 2 products for those 2 nutrients should be quite a bit lower than those upper limits.

Originally Posted by Pbarrow View Post
... I think I will layoff the 5 hour energy before matches. Now that you mention it I do feel a little jittery at times during my matches. I chalked it up to nerves in tournament matches, but thinking back I play more calmly and focused in a.m. matches with "only" coffee level caffeine buzz...
This is actually just the opposite of my experience. I have felt the jitters during competition with coffee -- even with less than 1/2 cup. Coffee, for me, appears to produce some very positive results at first. However, after about 30 minutes, I develop a very pronounced case of the jitters. This has never happened with 5-Hour Energy or 6 Hour Power. Normally I need only 1/2 bottle (1 oz) of these products to produce desired results (improved focus, seemingly easy access to energy sources, etc). But even with a full serving (2 oz), I've not experienced any jitters.

How much 5-Hour Energy have you used when you experienced jittery feelings? Have you ingested it after taking coffee somewhat earlier? Note that the amount of caffeine in a full bottle of the regular formulations of 5-Hour Energy is only about 75 mg. This is equivalent to the amount of caffeine in a mild/weak cup of coffee. (Note that there are also decaf and high-caffeine versions).

Now it is very possible that your body/brain chemistry is significantly different than mine. To my knowledge, however, most individuals do not experience the jitters or a "crash" with 5-Hour Energy (or 6 Hour Power). Next time you might try ingesting only 1/2 bottle. And do so without drinking coffee beforehand.

Note that some of the positive and negative effects of coffee may not necessarily be due to its caffeine content. Some of these effects are also felt with decaf coffee (very low caffeine levels). While I have experienced jitters with small amounts of coffee (less than 1/2 cup), I do not recall the jitters with caffeine tablets (even with amounts close to 100 mg).

Note that, in addition to caffeine, coffee contains some MAO inhibitors as well as hundreds of other constituents. It could be one or more of the MAOIs or one of the other constituents in coffee that is responsible for the jitters that I have experienced.

"Over a thousand chemicals have been reported in roasted coffee: more than half of those tested (19/28 ) are rodent carcinogens. There are more rodent carcinogens in a single cup of coffee than potentially carcinogenic pesticide residues in the average American diet in a year, and there are still a thousand chemicals left to test in roasted coffee. This does not mean that coffee is dangerous but rather that animal cancer tests and worst-case risk assessment, build in enormous safety factors and should not be considered true risks..."

For further investigation of the health effects of coffee (as opposed to caffeine) check out the following link as a starting point. (Note: I am not asking you to accept a wiki site an authority on the subject).

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