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Default Winter gear for cold courts indoors

Hey all

Got some ideas and requests for this winter's indoor play.
I play at a municipal facility that doesn't really get the courts very warm during the winter (bubble) Not complaining, cuz rates are pretty cheap.

I have been wearing those running sleeve thingies for the 1st 20-30 minutes before things are pumping (after warmup in warmups). They seem to work pretty well in keeping the chill off my arms, but allowing free range of motion on things like quick reaction shots, etc. You can even fold them down 1/2 way as you progressively warm up.
It seems to me that long sleeve shirts and/or turtlenecks (even polypro) are just a little binding and inhibit play somewhat. (prob just psychological, but whatever).
Now, about those legs......

Warmup pants thoroughout play really are too binding, and it's always a little cold when they are off and I am just in shorts.

long Bike compression shorts are a possibility, but that would only be for the upper thigh.

full length running tights make me feel like I'm heading over to the Blue Oyster Bar right after this set (and if you get warm, you are out of luck)

Has anyone tried those over then calf, but stop right at the ankle stretchy things that some runners are using? Should I just go all 1973 and pull on the over the calf basketball socks with contrasting stripes? (are the short short basketball shorts required with this, along with hippie hair, terrycloth headband, and yellow aviators?). Also, man, I checked out the prices and the little calf sleeves can get pretty pricey. I was even checking out old guy compression sleeves from Wal-MArt

Anybody got any insider tips, etc.?
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