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Originally Posted by rufus_smith View Post
What if, in singles, the first serve in the ad court was out, the returner fails to call it out and hits a winner. Then the polite returner asked the server if he thinks the serve was out. The server says "yes". The returner agrees. They go back to the ad court. According to the code, is it now officially first serve or second serve?
I'm not sure what the Code would say, but I think it should be the server's second serve in the situation you've described. Or at least that's what I'd push for the ruling to be.

The key is that the returner AGREES with the server that the server's first serve was out. Also, the server never had a chance to make a play on the ball as the returner hit a clear winner.

If the returner never asked the server if his serve was out, then the point goes to the returner, in spite of whether the server thought his serve was out or not.

I say this based on what I've learned in his thread from my original post.
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