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Originally Posted by Satch View Post
i believe that his profit would be 0 if he listened to you

i am afraid that to make accurate measure of ball speed, using simple camera from you iphone, is not gonna get you the results. You could get some results but it will be way off.

However i believe that using some kind of sensor inserted in the ball, and gps, you can get much better results. But its also a harder to do it right.

To the OP, i know that idea is good, but how would you create the app? I need details. How the app will know where is the ball in that video. How the app will know when the ball is going off the racquet, and when it crosses the net (to calculate)?

As a programmer myself, i would like to know your idea, or it didnt happened.
I have a nice chronometer watch that times at .20 seconds.

I just need to find a way to serve a tennis ball that travels for 1 mile. Once I do, I'll be all set in calculating my service speed.
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