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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
Good review Jo11y.

Even though I am a fan of 4G I mostly agree with you. Recently I tried full bed 4G and with a softer poly cross and HATED it. Everything you wrote is dead on.

But as a cross for gut mains I've found nothing else that performs as well. It doesn't provide as much spin potential as other poly crosses but still far more than full bed gut. With VS/4G I get casually accessible spin.

But the real advantage of gut/4G is the control and comfort. Full bed 4G is NOT comfortable imo. But with gut mains I have zero arm issues in spite of my sensitive arm.

And the control is absolutely amazing! With other poly crosses as the poly dies I steadily lose control. With 4G crosses I can paint the lines and hit with confidence. When I make a mistake there's no question in my mind that it was poor technique and not the hardware. With other poly crosses I will sometimes be surprised at the depth or direction of the shot and be left with the feeling that I'm spraying balls in unintended directions.

I've noted in previous posts that I get the feeling that 4G is specifically designed as a cross for gut. It's huge stiffness value and poor spin performance in full bed makes it a non-starter for me in that configuration. But it complements gut mains perfectly by exploiting the gut's comfort while simultaneously taming its power and matching its low tension loss.

In that context I'd like to add to your Review that Everyone Seems Afraid to Write: Luxilon probably designed 4G as a cross for gut but could never market it as such because the bean counters would freak out. In full bed or as a main with softer crosses it's terrible. But as a cross for natural gut it's absolutely perfect imo. I've tested a boatload of poly crosses and was resigned to never finding one that aged as nicely as the gut mains. 4G seems to be the Holy Grail for gut/poly uses who want some level of durability with respect to tension loss and maintenance of control and comfort (4G will still but through the mains but not nearly as fast as shaped polys such as Focus Hex).
I liked it full bed in a Vcore Tour 97. All TW playtesters liked it full bed in their review on 4g. So, its a matter of opinion.
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