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Originally Posted by TopDawg View Post
Tulsa beat Baylor 5-2 - winning 5 of 6 singles.
I was there yesterday during the match, and really it is a lot closer than scores may have indicated. With the double point went to Baylor, Tulsa came out on fire in singles, taking it to Baylor at 6 and 1. Especially at #1, I thought Zsiga was a little better than what he was showing yesterday, since he really was playing Tulsa #2 player yesterday, with the TU coach swapping his #1 and #2.
De Klerk at #2 was down early and did not seem to have any confidence whatsoever, then all of a sudden started playing much better Krikovic. Krikovic is a lefty with pretty solid forehand topspin, but he keeps going cross court to De Klerk and it ended up being De Klerk BH which dictates pretty much every single rallies.
After #1 and #2 were taken by Tulsa, they have 2 courts at #4 and #5 which they had first set, but both 2nd set tie-break went to Baylor. At #3, Tulsa's Ive blew a 5-2 double break lead in the 3rd set, to let the match go to 3rd set tiebreaks. If Ive had lost, I had the feelings that it would be 4-3 to Baylor but Ive ended up pulling it out, make it 4-2 and clinches the match for Tulsa. It was a great hard fought battle from both team yesterday.
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