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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
I liked it full bed in a Vcore Tour 97. All TW playtesters liked it full bed in their review on 4g. So, its a matter of opinion.
Absolutely! I know some full poly uses who hate gut/poly because they feel it's too powerful and being a fan of lower powered setups I certainly understand why they feel that way. There are folks in our area that swear by full bed 4G too.

My comments on full bed 4G can apply to just about any full bed poly for me since I've never found one really comfortable to me. But given 4G's low tension loss and incredible control I can see how a full poly user would enjoy it compared to other full bed polys.

This is my curse: I love gut's comfort and control but prefer less power and want more spin. This is why I think 4G performs so well with gut mains. I get the spin of gut/poly and great comfort and control for a longer period of time compared to other poly crosses.

One thing I don't understand about full poly though is the idea that it provides huge spin potential. I've tested a bunch of them in full bed (Tour Bite, RPM, Big Hitter Black, Black Widow, etc.) and nothing has provided the casually accessible spin of gut/poly. With these full polys I needed to focus on generating spin while with a good gut/poly spin is a natural byproduct of the setup. Hit the ball with even a moderate brushing motion or "glancing blow" blow and you get wonderful spin.

I think that gut/poly is to spin as modern frames is to power. In both cases technology augments technique or physical ability. Modern frames allow weaker players to get the ball deep over the net while gut/poly allows we lower level rec players to hit with decent spin even though our technique and RHS isn't as good as more skilled players.
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