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Originally Posted by slowfox View Post
There's also the Pro Kennex Ionic Ki 5 PSE. 345 swingweight.
That is right. I didn't go for it because it was 100 sq in and 9 pts HL and heavier. That is about as HL as my PS 85. I think today's baseline centric game does not favor such head light frames. Fed and Nadal are in the 3 to 6 pts HL range.

The other reason was that there is a guy in the club who has been using the Dunlop, and I never realized it. He offered to sell it to me, but changed his mind. He plays singles with it and uses another frame for doubles.

But I am sure the PK is a great choice also.

It is strange that the "Fed" racket is so popular among some fans, but its stock form has no closeness to what Fed uses in terms of SW.
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