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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
That is right, all my tennis problems were solved this week. Forehand, backhand, serves, jamming balls - all are solved.

I decided to get rid of my addiction to the feel of the PS 85, and searched for a true pro spec frame on the TW racket finder. By that I mean a frame close to SW 350 in stock form. Apart from some very light but huge headed grandpa frames, and a couple with very high stiffness or extended length, it basically boiled down to the Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Tour. TW lists the strung SW as 345, another site as 350. This is close to Fed and Nadal specs of 350-355.

I played with the demo this week and all problems are solved. All the hard work put in with the PS 85 bore fruit. The frame was comfortable, powerful and absolutely stable - not one iota of discomfort.

I have ordered two of these. I think Dunlop may replace this with the F 2.0 Tour which will have a much lower SW.

It was also an eye opening experience for me that there is hardly any frame with a pro SW.

Try it out. Every shot is easier and nothing can faze you. It reminds me of table tennis, where for about a 100 bucks, you can get a pro paddle with pro rubbers, and then the only thing that separates you from the pros is skill. Contrast that with the $10 paddles in the sports store, which definitely hurts your game even at the lowest level. Now it seems to me that pro SW is that thing in tennis which really separates the worthwhile frames from the riff-raff.
You could have achieved that swingweight and had many more racquets to choose from by buying a $20 reel of lead tape.

Note that many pros frames are not at that swingweight off the shelf. Take a look at the thread in the pros equipment thread by Fabfed who has "Noles" racquet...Djokovic use a ton of lead tape to achieve his SW.
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