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Originally Posted by dman72 View Post
You could have achieved that swingweight and had many more racquets to choose from by buying a $20 reel of lead tape.

Note that many pros frames are not at that swingweight off the shelf. Take a look at the thread in the pros equipment thread by Fabfed who has "Noles" racquet...Djokovic use a ton of lead tape to achieve his SW.
Lead placement requires lot of expertise and fine tuning. If I can get a high SW stock, why not go for it?

Pros have to do it because they may have no option from their sponsors. Right now it is only the Dunlop 200 Tour and the PK PSE. How many are sponsored by these companies?

Soon there will be only one because the Dunlop F 2.0 Tour is going to have a lower SW.

Also, the low RA of Dunlop makes for a very arm-friendly frame.
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