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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Lead placement requires lot of expertise and fine tuning. If I can get a high SW stock, why not go for it?

Pros have to do it because they may have no option from their sponsors. Right now it is only the Dunlop 200 Tour and the PK PSE. How many are sponsored by these companies?

Soon there will be only one because the Dunlop F 2.0 Tour is going to have a lower SW.

Also, the low RA of Dunlop makes for a very arm-friendly frame.
Pros do it because they stick with the frame they started playing with, for the most part. As they get stronger and face heavier shots, they boost their swingweight. Djokovic again as an example is basically using a 10+ year old radical mold with a stock swingweight probably in the low 300's that he's got juiced up over 360 with lead all around the hoop.

It does not take a lot of expertise...maybe some fine tuning but it's pretty easy to do since the stuff can be put on a peeled off during a hitting session. The only question is whether to add it at 3/9, 10/12, 12, or all around the top of the hoop.

I guess if you just don't want to bother then you have maybe 2 frames available stock, but you're skipping over a ton of quality racquets that could easily be at that spec.
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