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Default Funny tennis moments you'll never forget.

My best one.

I once played a Flex League match against a guy who from the start, basically got mad at everything that went against him. Lots of yelling, swearing, self loathing, calling himself a g0#damn sissy (loudly)for trying a touch volley instead of hammering a put away, that type of guy. He was asked on more than one occasion to watch him mouth by others nearby us.

He is winning the match at this point, I'm in a hole, 1 set down and losing the 2nd. We had a particularly long and wild point. I'm getting ready to serve after catching a breather and I look over at him walking around wildly appearing to look for something. I ask him what's up and he says "I lost my hat". Indeed he had. It was the middle of summer and the sun was tricky, so I could see that he'd want to find it. He tells me he threw it off in the middle of the point (I didn't see this). I go grab a drink and join him in looking for it. It doesn't appear to be anywhere. I tell him I can't see it anywhere and go back to try and get things started again.

I look back and he's gone out the door behind the fence, looking around. I figure he saw it out there, fair enough. He looks around for a while, nothing. Comes back in. He's clearly livid at this point, swearing etc. He goes to his bag saying, he'll wear his shades. Opens up his shades case, they're not there. More swearing and self loathing ensues. Starts looking around the bags, I suspect he wants to look in my bag, but doesn't. It's getting a bit comical at this point, but after some more searching, he says OK, just play.

I proceed to win the next 4 games and take the set. While we're having a drink at the end of the set he's really really pi$$ed. I'm not saying a word.

He walks back to the side he lost his hat on, I walk back to serve. I turn around and see him jumping up at the fence, whacking it hard with his racquet. It takes me a moment to process, but I finally figure out that his hat was at the top of the fence, stuck.

After much effort and some climbing, he gets it down. How either of us didn't see the hat (and I really didn't see it), is a total mystery. Though from his actions and words, he made it clear that he doubted that I didn't see it and thought I just didn't tell him for a bit of gamesmanship.

Needless to say, he did not recovery mentally from it all and I ended up wining the match. Which I really enjoyed.
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