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Originally Posted by NineMileSkid View Post
I was watching a USTA match during the fall and it seemed like about half of the calls were followed by an "Are you sure?"

I just shook my head.
Completely agreed. I was watching in disbelief as these 12 year old girls were questioning practically every call of the other. Finally, a tournament director stepped in and had someone stand there to officiate the match.

I don't mean to suggest that golfers are completely without fault or that tennis players are honorless, since I know that isn't the case.

It's just that I've just seen many junior tournament golfers (boys and girls) calling penalties on themselves (e.g. their ball oscillated as they were addressing the ball on the green) that no one else would have seen (other than myself).

As a die-hard golfer, I'm extremely proud to see young golfers uphold for the most part the tradition and honor that golf is known for.
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