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Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post
Never made fun of it. Just motivated us a bit more. Btw, those balding seniors that play USTA League matches hired trainers, play more than they did twenty years ago.
Well, when you wrote you "had to win just to keep your Man cards", I got the impression that you thought those who choose to dress like Agassi were less than men because of their style choices.

Maybe I'm just being idealistic and naive but I wish people in general could enjoy whatever they're doing (e.g. playing tennis) without qualifying others based on their decisions (e.g. clothing styles).

Personally, I've never chosen to dress like anyone because of their status in a sport (e.g. Tiger Woods). But I'd never judge someone who did choose to dress like those they admired nor would I feel compelled to beat them "just to keep my Man card".
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