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Originally Posted by adso1973 View Post
Hi Andy, I'm also a big fan of the rdis100 mid, as you have the chance to play test many frames, which one would you recommend as a possible replacement? And if possible how would you compare it with the pb10mid?

The VCore 89 Tour is the natural replacement in the Yonex line for the RDiS 100 Mid. It possesses a little more pop than the RDiS, great control, but is a little less forgiving because the head size is slightly smaller. It's similar to the PB10 Mid in that it has a lot of pop for a midsize frame, but I think the VCore 89 offers more control than the PB10.

Another good midsize frame to try would be the Wilson Blade 93. It offers a nice crisp, lively feel with lots of control. Less powerful than the PB10 Mid but I think it trumps it in every other category.

Andy, TW
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