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Originally Posted by Mongolmike View Post
Just to be clear for my future reference, after the 2nd set ends and you are now going to start a match tiebreak, you ARE allowed a 3 minute (approximate) rest time, correct?

Then once the match tiebreak starts, you are not supposed to take a rest on side changeovers, not even to stop for a quick drink by your gear, correct? (But if both players are in agreement to grab a quick drink and towel-off... that is ok in the spirit of the game, correct?)

Also, a match tiebreak is like a new set in that for doubles either player can serve first and again in doubles you can now switch sides also, correct?
Originally Posted by chatt_town View Post
I understand that to be the rules as well.
The bolded part is not true, unless this is about juniors, or if we are talking leagues and your local rules are different.

In adult and wheelchair tournaments, it's just a 2 minute setbreak between 2nd set and match tiebreak.

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