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Default Doubles positioning before the point starts

I need some help here from some doubles specialist. I was having a conversation with my wife on the way home about how she is standing at the net when I'm returning. She stands with her feet and body and in general facing the server(person that can't hurt her at that point). I personally always stand facing the net person on the other side in case I need to have a reflex volley. I feel like it is is much easier to volley a ball facing the person than basically reaching to the side or behind me trying to volley. What do you all think its the correct way or do you even have a preference? I also like to do this when I'm returning. Again, she is basically facing the net person even though the serve is coming from an angle. It seems to me it would effect your foot work. The guy kept acing her wide and up the T at will on the deuce side. there were some times she didn't even get to swing at the ball. My thing is simply if you aren't stepping into the court and on your toes as the ball is tossed you won't get to bounce as you made need to. So how do you all handle court positioning before the point starts in doubles? I'm going to do a little research but I want to know how you all handle it. I could be wrong but I seem to get back a lot more reflex volleys that I don't think I'd get a raquet on if I was facing the server.
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