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This thread has amused me.

As someone who suffers from Raynaud's (as well as hypotension), I often play in many layers of clothes, especially in the cooler months and indoors. Even then, there are times I cannot feel my fingertips and gripping the racquet is a challenge.

But I must admit, I've had more than a few opponents remark, post-match, that I never broke a sweat or had to take my layers off. My reply (regardless of the end result) is that I had to work hard...and that not sweating can present real problems, particularly in warm weather. My body simply cannot cool off and heat exhaustion is a real risk.

In mixed, however, I've had a regular male partner who told me once (in front of his wife...who also laughed hilariously with us)....that playing with me was like playing Strip Tennis -- that the better/harder the match, the more I took off. If I ended up in just my top and skort...we'd played one helluva match!
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