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Yep..I totally agree with this. Thanks for the response.

Originally Posted by burosky View Post
As with anything in tennis it all depends. I would venture to guess most people would be facing the opposing net player as you do. However, from personal experience, I sometimes ask my female partner to position herself closer to the net (normal volley position) when I'm confident that I can return the serve crosscourt. This usually happens when our female opponent is serving or when our male opponent doesn't have a serve I cannot control. Doing this places my female partner in an offensive position right from the get go which typically will force our opponent to hit it back to me. If I can hit an effective return it usually results in a quick point for us. At the very least, it lessens the chances of my female partner becoming a target after I hit my return.

In general, when my opponent has an effective serve, the normal position would be for my partner to be near the T and facing the opposing net player. If I'm having trouble returning serve I would even ask my partner to go on the baseline with me to avoid getting nailed and to increase our chances of defending after I hit my return.
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