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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
The 99s is a light racquet (11.3 oz) that needs some weight in the head.
Make it too headlight and you take away that punch. Balance is a very personal and tricky thing. You can't just say "all racquets will play better with weight in the handle". Otherwise racquet mfg's would make all their racquets very headlight if that produced better results.
Jack, the 99S has 335 swingweight. Swingweight is a measure of how much mass is distributed to the head of the racquet. The 99S has more mass in the head than 90% of racquets on the market today. Adding mass to the handle of such a racquet does not reduce "punch"; the mass in the head is still there after adding mass to the handle. Regarding balance being a tricky thing, I agree, but with Wilson's trap door it's very easy to stash 10 grams or so in the buttcap and then remove it if it's not to one's taste.
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