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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
The VCore 89 Tour is the natural replacement in the Yonex line for the RDiS 100 Mid. It possesses a little more pop than the RDiS, great control, but is a little less forgiving because the head size is slightly smaller. It's similar to the PB10 Mid in that it has a lot of pop for a midsize frame, but I think the VCore 89 offers more control than the PB10.

Another good midsize frame to try would be the Wilson Blade 93. It offers a nice crisp, lively feel with lots of control. Less powerful than the PB10 Mid but I think it trumps it in every other category.

Andy, TW
Yonex has a few rackets in the 98-100 head size range but none in the 93 head size. I personally like rackets between 98-100 head size but many would be interested in a 93 Yonex racket quite possibly.
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