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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
I hate Errani and everything about her game and personality. I am sorry. I also think it is a total joke she won Player of the Year over Kerber last year. I hope she falls out of the top 30 this year. I also think she is a huge PED abuser, probably thrice as pumped as even Djokovic and Nadal might be, and that explains her fast rise from obscurity last year.
Originally Posted by SLD76 View Post
I agree with EVERYTHING you just wrote.

Was so glad Berthell kept it together and beat her azz
Add me to the list. I'm sorry too. Was more than happy to see Barthel come through in this final.

And I can't stand that tag team routine that Errani has going on with Vinci.

Did my ears deceive me or did Errani not even have the presence of mind to congratulate Barthel in the post-match ceremony? She was too busy thanking her 'coach' Roberta.
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