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Default Requesting Recommendation

*34 Male (high 4.0/low 4.5 last time I played competitively)
*Big 1st serve/Kick for 2nd
*Can hit a big forehand but prefer to counter punch. Not Backboard but use what opponent gives me.
Not a big string breaker but I do use above average spin on most shots
*Like to come to net

What I'm looking for in a string setup-
*Control over power but a good amount of power is ok
*I know player generates spin but the string assisting is welcome
*Feel is important as I like pocketing but crisp feel is most important

Past use-
I have used a ton of setups: Full Beast XP, many poly main/synth gut cross hybrids, I like Vokyl Cyclone hybrid with micro sheep but it went dead too fast.

Racquet- Mostly use Prince Ozone Tour but I'm a prince team pro so I have used a ton of the newer EXO3's. Have recently been hitting with the Warrior Team and enjoyed it with Premier attack.

I have never used a multi consistently, I usually use full bed poly or poly w/syn. Is a poly main/multi cross for me? I like the textured Cyclone, any others that would fit my profile better?

I string for myself so any combinations or recommendations are possible. I have just been all over the place with string lately and would like to find something to settle in on. I know for sure I'm not wanting full synthetic. Just too springy for for me. I want bite with crisp feel. So fire away!
Classic racquet with new tech strings
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