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Originally Posted by Sage View Post
I have heard that the Stratagem is a lively string. Have you tried the Stratagem on a mid plus racquet? I have never found much control on an oversized racquet. You could put a stiffer poly in the crosses as well that may work.
I do have a 90" and two 95". The OS is the test racquet for polys. I usually have the others occupied with strings that are working well in them. My theory is that polys usually will tame the OS frame. I guess I'll get around to trying the Stratagem in my AG200 after the Pro Red Code loses tension and I try Intellitour next.

I know it sounds like I'm all over the map, but I'm keeping Cyber Flash / Hexy Fiber in my MuscleWeave 95 @48/53. It's a nice combo, and if nothing else works out I'll stick with it. My Dunlop Black Max II is a pretty dead frame. Maybe I'll try the Stratagem in there, although it is a 90".
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