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Originally Posted by tom4ny View Post
Interesting that you did not like the donnay pro 1. What didn't feel right about it?
I probably used the wrong words there. its a comfy frame that feels good/solid. I've found that with 18x20 frames I need to generate more RHS to get the same depth and 'weight' behind my shots. With the Pro 1 18x20 I had a hard time doing that consistently. the 16x19 Pro 1 has so much power I don't have to swing out to hit heavy shots consistently.

With the TF 315 delayed I've ordered the F3.0 Tour demo along with the Youtek IG Rad MP. I narrowed it down to those 2 to give them each more court time. Not sure if either will convince me to switch & become a believer in 18/20's but who knows.
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