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Originally Posted by blakesq View Post
when my partner is receiving, I stand about a 1 foot behind my service line, facing the service line of my partner, that way I call the serves in or out. Once my partner returns the serve, I turn to generally face the opposing net man, and wait to see if my partner hits to the net guy, or cross-court. If my partner hits cross-court, then I scoot up to about the middle of the service box, facing the server. If my partner hits to the net guy, I am in a better position to handle a ball from the net guy by standing a little behind the service line.
This about sums up what I do. As the net player on the receiving team, it doesn't matter where I am facing as the opponent is serving. By the time I might hit the ball, I've shuffled to a different position a few times, based on where the serve went and where my partner's return went.

When receiving serve, I'm facing the server. It allows quicker movement to the outside before an angled serve gets out of reach.
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