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Originally Posted by ten11 View Post
I am lucky there is a MRT test center in about 10 minutes drive, which is actually the only site in the state. I played there on Saturday night. After the game I asked the receptionist about what stringing machine they have and he told me is a Babolat but not sure what exact model but fairly new. I guess it might be a star 5. what else?

I have another question regarding the tension. The racket I will bring in is babolat pure drive and the recommended tension is 55lbs for the low end. Would it be very challenging to string 55lbs in a constant pull machine for natural gut? Would the machine have the lockout mode on that machine and can I use lockout instead of constant pull?
Assuming it's a Star 5 or Sensor, they are both the same as far as features. There is no Lock Out feature on either machine. There is a Pre-stretch and Knot tension feature on both machines.

I was told you can talk to the MRT who will be proctoring the exam, before hand to know what you need to prepare for the test. I would talk to them directly. It's also good to let them know you will taking the test, so they can prepare as well. They may also give you tips to practice or insight into what they will be looking out for.
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