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Originally Posted by blakesq View Post
when my partner is receiving, I stand about a 1 foot behind my service line, facing the service line of my partner, that way I call the serves in or out. Once my partner returns the serve, I turn to generally face the opposing net man, and wait to see if my partner hits to the net guy, or cross-court. If my partner hits cross-court, then I scoot up to about the middle of the service box, facing the server. If my partner hits to the net guy, I am in a better position to handle a ball from the net guy by standing a little behind the service line.
Me too on this. I may make an exception if my partner hits a cross-court lob return in that I won't come in and take a position in the service box to be ready to volley but will instead move out a bit wider and attempt to guard against a return lob over my head. I may even move back to the baseline if the return is really weak. However, if my partner hits a decent groundstroke cross-court return then I do as you do (and hope he comes in behind his shot as well).
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