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This frame definitely polarises opinions and is better suited to some than others.
Stupidly obvious, but indeed worth repeating perhaps?

I think some on this thread are giving this racquet too much credit for influencing the outcome of their matches. If you put the proper swing on the ball and hit near the middle, the ball will do what you want. Just like it would with any other similar racquet. You cannot change or alter your natural stroke or you will not get good results. The ONLY thing you need to take into account, is the higher launch angle and just aim lower... That's it!. Anyone that can play with a APD, Pure Drive, Juice 100, Vcore 100, etc. should have no problem adjusting to the 99s at all. But if it doesn't work for you, don't blame the pattern. The 99s is supposed to add topspin to your game and nothing more. Ifs not a magic want that will take your from a 3.5 to a 4.5. It just gives you a little more spin. That's a good thing!
Can't say I entirely agree. This frame is rather unique IMO.


I change my storkes depending on racket I'm playing with - how can you not?

The ball just doesn't come off the same way - some rackets send the ball higher and deeper, some flatter and shorter, some have more power, some have less, some are light, some are heavy. Some rackets let me flatten out and drive hard low balls, some require a lot of brush-up to keep the ball in, with some rackets I can do both etc.. - the swing has to be adjusted accordingly.
With you on that, Anton.
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