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Originally Posted by martini1 View Post
1) They simply don't have money to pay any more bonuses, they are close to broke. There is a reason why the contract is breached and lawsuit follows.

2) NOPE. They don't pay him big enough to be compared to RF or RAFA.

3) It has been discussed many times here. Nole is not being paid by Adidas. He merely gets a free shoe deal.

Get your facts.
1) Incorrect. Serbian DC Team is paid to wear ST over their sponsorship uniforms...
2) He is NOT as big as RF and RAFA and definitely NOT as marketable as those two
3) I was the first one to say that he is getting MINIMUM out of Adidas. I did not think he was "merely" getting free shoes, that is impossible as I know some kids training in Florida getting free Adidas shoes from Adidas. However, my point was that he was getting minimum and could go to any other shoe company as he wished.
However, lately, it has been shown that Adidas is putting his face officially on their ads, therefore, they are paying him considerable amount.
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