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Originally Posted by SoCal10s View Post
you've got to be kidding .. Newcombe couldn't hit a backhand passing shot to save his life.. that's why he came to bet so often ..

I loved watching Newkt play ,he did so much with what he had.. his service motion was so fluid ,the way he would try to get every inch coming into the service line after his serves .. his forehand was his bread and butter .. he would have been great in today's modern tennis .. big serve ,big forehand ,but he came to net .. his wing span must have been extraordinary to cover so much court .. he had great anticipation to be able to capitalize on the opponent;s weak shots..

there were so many great Aussie players with different styles .. it was really fun seeing it all ..


who else did I miss ?
Don't you think Newk would greatly benefit from today's racquets, as least as far as his backhand was concerned? It's pretty easy to hit one handed topspin passing shots today

Incidentally BobbyOne knows Newcombe's backhand wasn't powerful. He was just writing from the video it didn't look half bad.
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