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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
I would try to be in the "couldn't care less" category but if the temperature is over 80 degrees and the guy had on long pants and long sleeves, it would be weird. I would assume he is doing it to sweat a lot but in a competitive match, I would think it is a bit weird and it might even be a bit distracting.
We have a fellow at our club who I'll call 'Ralph' since that's his name. He is a pretty good predominantly singles-playing 4.0 who is famous locally for 1. playing almost anyone, anywhere for as long as they care to play, and 2. playing in long pants (sometimes with matching sweater vest!) during all but the hottest of summer days and it gets fudging hot here.

If it is one of those days in July or August where the temp on court is over 95 he's probably going to strip off his track suit pants but otherwise it is turn back the clock to 1930's tennis.
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