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Originally Posted by FrisbeeFool View Post
No racket is going to magically fix your tennis game. Best to worry about technique. I'm shocked by the consumerist approach some people have to sports. As if it's possible to buy your way to a better game. They've been making graphite rackets for decades. Whatever upgrades they're touting are just selling points in order to move new rackets.
Technique is not going to improve by keeping the same racket, just as it is not going to improve with a new toy. In the same way, number of playing hours will not increase either way to increase the practice. Those things make a difference for those people who are willing to make a greater commitment, namely juniors, college players, pros, and retired people. For me, it is what it is.

I could not play with lighter rackets than the PS 85 because they hurt my arm and just did not feel right. The materials seemed to become more tinny and hollow with newer models, as they brought the weight down to appeal to the average consumer, but tried to increase the stability by nano this or that. They did achieve a lot of comfort, but in the end, when I struck a ball, it did not feel right.

Now I have outlived the PS 85. I wanted more free depth and I was noticing that top spin balls to the BH were getting more and more difficult to handle. I found people blocking the ball back with depth with a 1 hander and I could not do it. Now with the Dunlop, it is happening with ease. I don't have to worry about being very precise with the swing to catch the tiny sweetzone, or to fear discomfort if I hit slightly off-center. Instead of trying to achieve perfection and stoke my ego, I decided that a 95 with a high SW is the way to go - even Fed abandoned the 85.
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