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thanks for the on-topic responses guys.

a few points answering some questions:
- no, my teammate for that evening isn't my girlfriend or relative.
- 'intervene' was possibly a poor choice of word. anyway, i wouldn't have spoken to my opponent, rather i would have told my teammate "jokingly" to focus on the yellow ball instead of the guy across the net. probably best i didn't joke about it.
- the argument i mentioned was between the opposing team members, i.e. they were arguing with one another. dunno what about.
- the guy is a friend, nice guy, one of those golden boy types, very athletic, good career, helps little old ladies cross the street, is nice to everyone, always smiling, etc... i don't know if it was gamesmanship or just him being a flirt (he usually is). i just dont' like losing sets.

i guess i should have flirted with my opponent (the girl); she was kinda fit, although she'd probably be more interested in my teammate!
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