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Originally Posted by SoCal10s View Post
I don't think so,his backhand never came over the ball to create that amount of topspin.. but his serve and forehand would have been awesome for today's game.. plus the way he covered the court and retrieve those volleys,1 1/2 steps backwards to cover every lob for a put-away overhead.. he had the biggest first step I've ever seen,pretty much like Sampras ..
Always thought that Newcombe technically was almost the perfect serve and volley player. The guy had all the tools and skills for a great serve and volleyer. He had a big first and second serve. He moved in very quickly toward the net off the serve. He had what some called the best first volley in the game along with a great forehand volley and a very good backhand volley. And of course as you wrote a great overhead. Sampras had a great first and second serve too but I don't think he was quick as solid at the net although he was terrific.

I do think Newk would have been able to change his backhand with today's racquets to hit the topspin. It was tough in the past with those tiny heavy wood racquets. But maybe you're right.

The forehand was really a terrific shot. I am amazed people now forget what a great forehand the man had.
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