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Originally Posted by isilra View Post
What kind of forehand do you have ? I mean you are using the ATP style pronation-supination-pronation route or just go for the oldschool lay the wrist back and go for it style ? I'm asking because i'm still wondering what kind of racquet specs would be suitable for my game.
I do some pat the dog and Nike swoosh thing. I don't do the stretch your arm and just loop thing. But definitely not as sophisticated like Federer.

What racket specs are you using now? If you feel the frame is comfortable and that you don't seem to be working harder than players of your level yet not getting the results, then just stick with it.

Regarding the suitability of the frame to the style: if you want the fast swing of the juniors, do NOT use a heavy/high SW frame. They are not using it. Filip will probably scoff at my choice of SW 350 and 12.3 oz weight when he has won 2 Slams with a much lighter frame. The juniors use lighter frames and really hit the skin out of the ball. I don't know what the toll to the arm is, but that is what I see.

From the college to the pro level, frames become heavier, but I think most WTA players are not going very high either.

Then you have players like Fed, Djoker, Murray and Nadal who use high SWs AND swing very fast.
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