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Originally Posted by tbuggle View Post
based on your flurry of questions (no offense, btw), I'd say they are not worn out and need some minor adjustment.

This is done bu turning the small hex screw in the side of the base clamp (the screw should have a black plastic plug covering it and it's at the big round end of the base clamp).

You'll have to tirn the base clamp so it's a 90 degrees to the table edge with the string clamp end pointing to the center of the table.

I can't recall the hex wrench size, it's fairly small and will be metric. you will barely need to turn it, most likely. Clockwise to tighten.
Yeah I did the exact same thing you said 1 1/2 week ago.
Seems to me I need to re adjust it again.

Thanks for the advice though
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