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Originally Posted by bosssauce View Post
It depends on how good his footwork is overall I liked the vapor the best get that.
My footwork is pretty good. I'm always "shuffling" my feet and taking little hops during a point when I'm not running around the court. My energy level and endurance are pretty good to sustain this activity, plus I like burning a lot of calories while doing so.

Originally Posted by TahoeTennis View Post
I would definitely go with the Vapor 9's. Their durability is actually not as bad as many say, and you can't beat the comfort and quickness. If you're playing 2 or 3 times a week, they should last a solid 4 or 5 months with casual play if not longer.
I lot of my research indicate that the Vapor 9s aren't too durable, which surprises me given how durable my other Nike shoes (cross trainer, running) are.

Originally Posted by BER256 View Post
I would suggest the Gel Res 4's. They are great shoes even though they aren't as aesthetically pleasing as the vapor tour 9.the vapor 9 is unwearable after several weeks. You do not want to drop 100+ just to buy another shoe in a month. THE GR4 has a 6 month guarantee and are the most under-rated shoes. THey cost 80 in TW and will last you about a year if you use the warranty. I don't know anything about the T22, but I would say definitely go for the GR4 or try out the GR5, try them out inside stores for sizing and fitting shoes if you want to.
I think the Vapor 9s are great looking shoes. I've heard great things about the GR4s but still think the Vapor 9s look fantastic.
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