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Originally Posted by jc4.0 View Post
I'm not anti-Cindy, have often agreed with her - but also certainly am not the only one who finds fault from time to time with her endless self-important, puffed-up postings. Does she get paid for this? I hope so because she spends an inordinate amount of time writing volumes about the minutiae of each and every match she plays.

These types of boards become freaking boring if not for a few mix-up meows. Give me creds for at least keeping things interesting.
There is a meow and there is a meow. Some meows are better left un-meowed. Anyway, this thread has as much life left as a Walking Dead zombie shot in the head, thrice. Cindy, time for a new thread! And when that happens: jc40, can I please reply in your stead? I know exactly what you are going to say
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