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I pretty much agree with what everyone here just said...with exception to one thing. Nellie...if you are not receiving serve to me you should always be in a position to help call the service line. 1. You have nothing else to do. 2 the person receiving serve can't see that line as clean as you do. I'm speaking of the line going across the court. I think the returner should call the side line. A ball an inch or even two inches back is hard to see from the baseline and God forbid it's big server. For the most part though...this is pretty much the way I think it should be played. I'm trying to get her to be in the position you all described and turn where she can see the line. Once I return cross court then change your positioning and move in if the returned shot allows you to do so. The first two points of the match yesterday...both of us hit weak returns...The girl got mine at the net but didn't put it away but because wife was turned in a bad position her first reaction was to turn and run off the court whereas had she been turned to my service line it would have registered to get down and try to dig it out which she would have clearly had a put away ball as the lady didn't even kill it. The one she returned was left high...I immediately saw it...quickly backed up as far as I could get about no man's land and caught the over head at my knees and lob vollied it or whatever...and we got the point. My biggest thing is to look at it like this. If you and another person were practicing vollies you would be facing each before the ball is ever serve you should be facing at a minimum toward the person that is the biggest threat to volley a ball to you. In her current stance she only has time to turn her shoulders and try to volley and is the reason she tends to run as opposed to stand ground and volley. Hopefully I can get a chance to work on it this week. I appreciate all of your responses though. It really helps to hear from other "rec" and "club" players like myself.

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I don't call the serve for my partner (unless asked) and I focus on my partner's position and the opposing net person. I am not trying to getting a reflex shot, as much as I want to move based on my partner's position and the opponents movement (e.g., move back if the opponent is swing for an overhead or move to cover the middle if my partner is returning a wide serve .
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