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Originally Posted by hyperion99 View Post
Yeah I did the exact same thing you said 1 1/2 week ago.
Seems to me I need to re adjust it again.

Thanks for the advice though
i had the same clamps (as the pic you posted, i had the combo 910) and did have to adjust them somewhat frequently for awhile (for my liking) and eventually they "seated in" at a desired workable level.

edit: also (and i still do this even with my Gamma), i would occasionally place my fingers where the base clamp and table meets....... and while releasing the lockout, you can feel if the clamp moves abit (base clamp) and once that stopped, I felt all was good (adjustment-wise).

lastly!!!!! the more you keep that base clamp in line with the direction of pull, the less it will want to pivot under tension (after tension is released from lockout). simple physics.
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