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One thing I think I'm having some issues with is actually the balance of the stick.

Still haven't dialed in the serve, finding the net a bit too often for my liking generally, and a bit too erratic still on g/strokes.

Yet every now and then I'm ripping one with such effortless zip and spinny heavy raking oomph I'm left gobsmacked, blown away.

So, whilst today I didn't find that 'ball sitting up too much' syndrome or whatever some of were discussing a day or two ago to be such an issue, I am, specially re groundstrokes, aware of this lack of consistency, control, predictability, whatever.

On a wider note, I absolutely accept more time has to be spent adjusting to the quirks of the frame etc. But on a few occasions when I've put my Pure Control in the mix for a few games, it's striking how my serves are suddenly landing in and with more venom, and how my groundstrokes are suddenly transformed into consistent controlled performance.

I don't know... is this balance related?
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